Meet Bethani

Bethani is a public servant, a single mom, and a candidate for Pittsburgh City Council’s 4th district. Bethani is running because we need someone to fight for the families of South Pittsburgh, and she knows our kids can’t wait for real leadership.

Bethani is a single mom to an amazing, 9-year-old boy. She’s proud to be a Pittsburgh Public Schools’ parent, as her son is currently enrolled at the Pittsburgh Concord Elementary School. However, like so many of our neighbors right now, Bethani’s dining room has become their joint workspace, his third-grade classroom, and, now, her campaign office.

Bethani fell in love with Pittsburgh when she attended the University of Pittsburgh in 2000. She started her career fighting for public health and the environment at Clean Water Action. She loved learning the nuts and bolts of issues and talking to folks about how if we fight together, we can fix things, step by step.

She started a small marketing business in the fall of 2008, that unfortunately went under in the Great Recession. She won a small business loan, but had to personally guarantee it. Like plenty of Pittsburghers, she needed and utilized WIC and food stamps and was on Medicaid. She declared bankruptcy but fought tooth and nail to dig herself out.

Bethani has years of experience working in Pittsburgh city government. While working in the offices of City Councilor Natalia Rudiak and City Councilor Deb Gross, she was determined to find our city’s problems and persist until they were fixed. She’s always believed adamantly that when we work together, we can do amazing things for this city.

However, Bethani has seen that too often city government leaves us behind. She’s asking for your support because she wants to put her hard-won skills to use, and fight for South Pittsburgh families. She wants to join together and solve the problems they say are too hard to solve. She knows we need it, and we cannot wait. 

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