Bethani understands that we need more resources in South Pittsburgh. Now. As a single mom, she knows how to stretch a dollar and she will work tirelessly to ensure South Pittsburgh gets the same level of funding as other Pittsburgh neighborhoods. In the upcoming months with COVID-19 still looming, Bethani will make it her top priority to reinvest in Pittsburgh’s local economy, supporting families, and small businesses.


Like many South Pittsburghers, Bethani is a proud parent of a Pittsburgh Public Schools’ student. She has observed first-hand how the teachers and principals at Concord Elementary put in extra effort because they lack adequate resources. She has watched her nine-year-old son and his friends tackle the challenge of online learning, as parents scrambled to find enough devices for each child. Bethani understands that her son and his peers don’t have time to wait for more resources. They need resources and support so that students and teachers alike can work through this unprecedented learning experience. Bethani is committed to ensuring that every student—regardless of where they live, where they came from, or who they are related to—has all the tools they need to succeed.

Workers’ Rights

Bethani is proud of Pittsburgh’s union legacy and will protect union jobs. She has watched friends without the protections of a union choose between putting food on the table or staying safe from the pandemic. She knows that so many jobs we call “essential” come with wages that won’t pay the bills, and certainly won’t stretch to pay for childcare or a vacation now and then. Bethani believes full time work should provide enough to get by without waking up in the middle of the night wondering if we will be able to pay all the bills and say yes when the kids ask to go to Scoops on the Blvd or want to order from Slice on Broadway! Bethani will join our state and federal legislators to fight for better wages, advocate for paid sick leave, and find new ways to support hardworking families across Pittsburgh.

Public Safety

When it comes to public safety, Bethani knows we can do better because she has talked to neighbors of all ages, including current and retired police. When her third grader’s best friend says he is afraid of police because of his skin color, we are not doing public safety right. After years of working with police—from our newest officers to command staff—she has heard them loud and clear: police want to do police work, not the social work we have forced them to take on. That’s why Bethani is determined to invest in all aspects of public safety, including funding social workers, mental health specialists, EMTs, and more. Her commitment to build safe neighborhoods starts at the root of the issue: addressing mental health and substance use disorders, as we have watched so many of our friends and family struggle, and seen the destruction and pain those struggles have caused. Bethani knows we are nothing if we aren’t looking out for our neighbors. Doing public safety right means all Pittsburghers—including Black and Brown Pittsburghers—need to feel safe walking down the street or driving on the parkway.

Clean Air and Water

Bethani started her career at Clean Water Action, fighting for clean air and water. She was privileged to work with neighbors in the Mon Valley as they collected air samples and photos of emissions plumes. She’s worked with parents whose children have lead in their blood to get their pipes replaced. Bethani will refuse to give million dollar corporations our hard earned tax dollars to pollute our city and damage our health. She will stand up for your health, working with the county and state to ensure that companies adhere to environmental safety standards. Bethani’s fought the fight before and she’ll never stop fighting until our kids have safe air to breath and water to drink.

Animal Protection

Bethani knows that animals are important to South Pittsburghers – not just cats and dogs, but urban wildlife too. She understands that protecting our furry, feathered, and scaly friends is the right thing to do as a public servant. Bethani will back existing animal protection policies and focus on the greatest areas of need for animals in South Pittsburgh including supporting Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return programs to manage community cat populations, promoting education on smart wildlife management, and empowering South Pittsburghers to utilize the City’s free spay/neuter program.

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